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People arguing over the regional names of things [by keaven]

People Calling Flip-Flops “Sandals” [by keaven]

Wrong Numbers [by keaven]

Critter Hats [by james]

All Restaurants, Everywhere [by keaven]

Et Cetera pronounced with an ‘X’ [by keaven]

The Cross-Use of Food Utensils [by keaven]

Wait Staff who think they’re ‘one of the guys’ [by keaven]

Unapologetic Belching & Sneezing [by keaven]

Gratuity being added to the bill automatically [by keaven]

Turning Left – off of Mass Ave NW onto 13th Street anyway. He’s not an ambi-turner! [by john]

Getting drunk [by trickie]

Feet [by trickie]

Kids these days [by brandon]

Use of “literally” as an intensifier [by brandon]

People misusing Their, There, and They’re [by keaven]

The Portuguese language [by brandon]

Re-imaginings [by brandon]

The ASL sign for “fuck” [by james]

Public Server DBs [by keaven]

Saying “Download” or “Upload” when you actually mean “Move” [by keaven]

MMOs claiming to be “WoW Killers” [by keaven]

Using single letters in place of whole words [by keaven]

“LOL” [by brandon]

Apple [by brandon]

Open-toed shoes [by keaven]

Asymmetrical circle divisions [by keaven]

Shorts [by keaven]

LOLcats [by brandon]

Dimmer switches [by brandon]